Foggy Glass Repair

Foggy Glass Repair

Do you have a problem with fogged-up glass?  More people do than you’d realize!  SELECT Glass can help you with that by replacing your current foggy glass, problematic doors or windows with a glass that won’t fog up.

You want your home to look as well-kept and clean as possible, so why would you want to “show off” murky-looking glass?  Don’t let that fog reflect badly on you and give off the appearance of uncleanliness, which can come about as any glass exposed to the outdoors will likely attract fog and other obscurity over time.  This can be an issue inside the house, too, as a result of air conditioning, heating, or other conditions.  No matter what the case, SELECT Glass has the experience to suggest the best solutions for you to help make your home fog-free.

Did you know you can prevent foggy glass?

There are ways we can treat your glass so that fog can reduced on your windows and glass. Many people may think that having foggy glass is just normal and unavoidable but depending on the type of windows and the way your glass in your home is installed Select Glass can mitigate or prevent foggy glass. It is important for us to take a look at your situation and ask you questions so please give us a call to discuss.

Why should you address the issue?

Commercially, of course, a storefront or windows that are foggy does not look very appealing. In fact it can be dangerous for your customers and your staff. Usually if you have a foggy storefront of office windows there are ways that we can help prevent that from occurring so that your product, services, and customers are treated to an experience that they deserve.

In your home foggy glass may be an indicator of other underlying issues. You also do not want moisture collecting in any place in your home for health reasons. Our technicians have many ways to prevent foggy glass in your home if you are just getting frustrated or worried about prolonged issues.